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Velor cakes

Velor cakes to order in Kiev

A new trend in confectionery is velor cakes. If you want to surprise a person close to you, you can order a velor cake in Kiev, in the confectionery studio Lulu.

What is velor cake and “what is it eaten with”?

The sweet industry does not stand still. Confectionery studio “Lulu” closely follows all the trends in the world of desserts.

Recently, velor cakes have been a resounding success. Imagine the usual pastries, covered not with traditional cream roses or decorated with intricate mastic, but a cake covered with the finest velvet. And this matte, fluffy surface is completely edible! The velor cake will definitely become the highlight of the festive feast and the Instagram star for all your guests.

Let’s reveal some secrets from the culinary masters …

So how do velor cakes come about?

The coating consists of two main ingredients: cocoa butter and white chocolate. And then you can fantasize! If this is a delicate wedding cake made in pastel colors, then you do not need to add dye, the mass of cream velvet will cover the dessert with the lightest layer, like snow.

If you want to play with color – you have the cards in your hands! Have you ever seen a custom made cake with a gradient coating? Ombre on the cake? Easily!

The process of decorating velor cakes is a favorite of our confectioners. With a special tool, a culinary spray, the mass is evenly distributed over a perfectly smooth surface. This is the most difficult thing in the process of making velor beauty – the “canvas” must be flawless. And only then you can draw on it. Masters joke that after such an experience, you can safely go to a graffiti guru.

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