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Number cakes

Don’t know how to please a loved one for a holiday? We have a unique offer. This is a number cake to order in Kiev. This cake is suitable for both men and women, as well as for a child’s birthday. If you need to emphasize the importance of the date of the event, then this is probably the best solution.

The art of confectionery is famous for its special feelings and emotions, which are provided due to the pleasure of taste and visual perception. Craftsmen create real miracles using fresh ingredients, along with beautiful decoration, and one of the best modern trends is the number-to-order cake, which is made in the form of numbers and is great for festive events.

History of origin

The popularity of this confectionery masterpiece arose quite by accident, when a young confectioner from Israel posted her work on Instagram, where all visitors to the page liked the cake figure very much and a huge number of people were interested.

After that, the figure cake has become one of the most popular abroad and is a success in the Lulu confectionery, where professionals create real masterpieces of different tastes for customers, regardless of the complexity of the orders.

Such popularity is fully justified, because the cakes look bright, festive and unusual, bringing only positive emotions.

Number cake for a man

There is an opinion that men are indifferent to sweets, but this is not at all the case, and in some cases even vice versa. That is why you should know your preferences and favorite tastes in order to present an excellent cake for a holiday or a festive event. The number cake from the Lulu confectionery workshop will be able to surprise with its attractiveness and delight the hero of the occasion with the perfection of taste.

You can decorate the cake in the colors of your favorite sports team, decorate in the style of various themes: weapons, hunting, cars, motorcycles, fishing, which will highlight the peculiarity of a man and his preferences. In addition, it is worth complementing the cake with high-quality alcoholic beverages, which will especially add charm.

Number cake for woman

Beautiful cakes for women of different ages will be much more diverse than for men, because confectionery products delight with a large number of variations, with fantasies about femininity, tenderness and elegance.

A great gift for March 8, birthday, wedding anniversary and other celebrations, will be the number cake – a popular trend that is particularly attractive. In addition to numbers, you can decorate a cake with anything you like, and especially widely used are “Rafaello” sweets, confectionery decorations in the form of flowers.

Number cake for a child’s birthday

Any child loves sweets and is especially looking forward to a beautiful birthday cake. The past bulky options have already become somewhat boring and if you want to give children something special, you should pay attention to the number cake. The perfect combination of a variety of ingredients, interesting appearance and design as desired in any variation, will definitely delight boys and girls.

Number cake can be made in bright and light cream colors, dark and their combinations. For younger children, you can add jelly figurines, fruits and cookies in the shape of animals to the design.

Order digital cake in Kiev with delivery

The Lulu confectionery workshop offers a huge assortment of masterpieces for every taste. Among the classic cakes, figure cakes should also be highlighted – an ideal gift for a birthday, anniversary, anniversaries and other special events.

In addition to the quality of workmanship and service, we will also appreciate the fast delivery in Kiev, which will not make you worry and will provide you with a fresh, tasty and attractive cake by the agreed time. The masters of the Lulu confectionery will be able to make a cake of any complexity, taking into account the wishes and requirements of the customer, regarding the design and ingredients.

It is very easy to place an order at the Lulu confectionery workshop. Go to the order form, enter your name, phone, indicate the date on which you want to make the cake and its weight.

Please note that the order must be placed at least 3 days before the required date, and the weight must be at least 3 kilograms.

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