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Mastic Cakes

Cakes with mastic to order in Kiev

You can order mastic cakes in Kiev at the Lulu confectionery workshop. Cakes from our assortment or individual production according to your photo or description are available to order.

Where to buy a cake to order with mastic in Kiev?

Cakes with mastic are famous for the fact that with the help of this ingredient you can make a unique cake with various shapes, different colors and shapes. If you are looking in which confectionery studio to order a cake with mastic, then you should look at the photos of our previous works. Thanks to the extensive experience of our masters, we are ready to accept an order of any complexity and make your holiday unforgettable.

It is also worth paying attention to the cake delivery service in Kiev and the region. Thanks to this, you do not have to worry that something will happen to your cake during transportation, as we have everything you need for this. And spend the saved time on yourself and your loved ones.

Cake to order with mastic for a boy

Among our works you can find a huge number of cakes with mastic for a boy. These are various cakes of a football theme, cartoon characters, cars and more. But you can also provide your photo or sketch, and we will make it exactly as you want.

Cake to order with mastic for a girl

Also, very often we order cakes with mastic for girls. They give preference to plain cakes with flower decorations or hobbies that girls are fond of.

Which cake is better made of cream or mastic?

To answer such a question – which cake is better, made of cream or mastic – you need to figure out what it is. And if the word “cream” is known to everyone, then not everyone knows what mastic is.

Confectionery mastic is a material based on icing sugar. It can combine many ingredients and is mainly used as a material for making cake decorations.

Mastic cake: pros and cons

So you came up with what kind of cake you want for your celebration, and this cake turned out to be made of mastic. How good is your choice? Can such sweet stuff be for children?

Benefits of mastic

So, mastic has a lot of positive things. Such material, since it is plastic, hides the unevenness of the cake, makes it more perfect. It is perfect for decoration, original and complex. For confectioners, by the way, mastic is a material that is convenient to work with, it can be painted in any color you like. Mastic quickly hardens, and decorations (shapes, figures, flowers, complex elements, fairy-tale characters, animals, photographs) can retain their shape for a long time. The mastic cake “will not melt” until the end of the holiday, when it is his turn to please the audience. With the help of mastic, you can make complex and very realistic shapes, including 3D. It is also convenient to transport such a cake, because the decor will not fall apart, melt, or deform.

Disadvantages of mastic

Mastic, like any material, also has disadvantages. Powdered sugar is the main ingredient in such material, and therefore the mastic is very sweet. That is, its taste is not for everybody. It is also a bit fat to the touch, can stain hands upon contact, and stain. It may contain concentrated dyes that are not particularly beneficial to health. Therefore, check the wishes for the mastic to your pastry chef (only natural dyes or no dyes at all). It is important to remember that not all mastic decorations are edible, sometimes wire, toothpicks, and skewers are used to create figures and complex elements. These elements must be removed before cutting the cake. It is not recommended to allow small children to the cake without first removing the decor.

Positive and negative features of cream cakes

Although you can create anything from mastic, however, a cream cake is no less interesting and attractive. With the help of the cream, complex designs are created that can surprise anyone at any occasion. A cream cake is more delicate in appearance and touch, it lacks inedible details, and the taste can be much less sweet. The cream is plastic; you can also create many different decorations from it. Cream can be used to make stunning flower arrangements, especially on multi-tiered cakes, at weddings. The top of the cream can be decorated with fresh berries, which is very appropriate for seasonal cakes, and the cream can also be poured with icing or other toppers.

Of course, the cream, like the other ingredients, has its drawbacks. Cream cakes are stored for a short period of time, no more than 36 hours. If custard is used, it is advisable to keep the cake for no more than 3 hours. Creamy dessert is more difficult to transport, it is important to observe the temperature conditions during transportation. Still, there are limitations for imagination when decorating such a cake, which is associated with the very structure of the cream.

Choose a cake made of cream or mastic

So, how is the best cake to choose – from cream or mastic?

First of all, decide on the design of the future cake – the more complex the design, the more decorative elements (for example, a princess from a cartoon for a cake for a girl’s birthday), the more likely it is that the cake needs to be created from mastic. A mastic product has a greater weight than a cream cake, so its weight should be taken into account. By the way, you can opt for the combined option – decorate the cake with cream (for example, flowers), and with mastic (for example, a Spiderman figurine). If you transport the cake nearby, then it can be completely cream, and if the distance is more distant, then of course you can choose a mastic one.

Cake with mastic with delivery in Kiev

For the preparation of any cake with mastic, the specialists of the Lulu confectionery studio use only fresh ingredients and products, so whichever cake you choose, you don’t have to worry about its quality. Each customer can choose the design of the future cake on our website or develop it independently, our specialists will take into account all your wishes, making any holiday unforgettable! We will deliver the cake to any point in Kiev and the region at a predetermined time.

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