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Cupcakes to order in Kyiv

Cupcakes are American cupcakes, but they are a little different from those desserts that we used to call cupcakes. The main difference is that when you decide to order cupcakes, you will come across a wide variety of them. They can contain different variants of biscuits and toppings, many desserts are complemented by “secret” ingredients that create a real taste sensation. Cupcakes will appeal to everyone – both adults and children. Such mini-desserts have many advantages:

  1. Big variety. Cupcakes are a great dessert to experiment with and have won over many consumers. Modern pastry shops offer to buy chocolate and milk cakes with different types of filling: chocolate, fruits and berries, creams, mousse, etc. There are also no restrictions on decor – it is possible to decorate with chocolate, inscriptions, mastic figures, fruits, etc.
  2. Versatility. First of all, cupcakes have become so popular in Ukraine due to their versatility. Cupcakes to order can be a great gift for a loved one, they are also used as a dessert at a buffet table. They are suitable for wedding, birthday, children’s party, New Year’s Eve, Christmas, corporate party, bachelorette party and other events.
  3. Originality. Cupcakes, though quite popular, but the original dessert – all thanks to the wide variety. If you want to surprise your guests at an event or please a loved one with an unusual gift, cupcakes will be the best choice.

Choose the right themed cupcakes for your celebration and enjoy their impeccable taste. Treat yourself and your loved ones with an unusual dessert!

How to choose the design of cupcakes to order?

If you decide to buy cupcakes, then first of all you need to decide on their design and taste. If when choosing a taste it is worth focusing on personal preferences, then the design should be chosen based on the purpose of the dessert. The most popular design options are the following:

  1. Fruit decoration. Decorating cupcakes with strawberries, berries and various fruits looks original and unusual.
  2. Inscriptions. Deciding to order cupcakes, many stop at desserts with thematic inscriptions: happy birthday, March 8, wedding and other holidays.
  3. Cream decor. Another popular design option is cream decoration. It can be not only classic white, but also pink, blue and other shades.
  4. Decor from mastic. Mastic is rightfully considered a universal material for decoration. From it, confectioners create various figures, which makes cupcakes more original.

Decor made of chocolate, icing, as well as decorations from other sweets – sweets, cookies, meringues are popular. First of all, cupcakes should match the theme of the holiday. For example, for christening or gender parties, you can choose cupcakes decorated with a baby mini-figure, booties and other themed decor. And if you decide to congratulate the girl on March 8, stop at cupcakes with mini flowers made of mastic or a congratulatory inscription.

Where in Kyiv to buy cupcakes to order?

If you need cupcakes to order in Kyiv, please contact Lulu confectionery. The company offers only fresh, tasty and original desserts for any occasion. To order a dessert – choose the appropriate option on the website or call us and we will provide a detailed consultation. Why choose Lulu:

  • only fresh and high quality products;
  • preparation of desserts strictly at the appointed time;
  • it is possible to choose cupcakes for birthdays, weddings, gender parties and other holidays;
  • each cupcake is handmade – we put a piece of heart and a lot of love into our desserts.

Cupcakes from the Lulu confectionery are of impeccable quality and excellent taste. Order and delight your loved ones with amazing desserts.

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