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Christening Cakes

In the Lulu confectionery, you can order a christening cake for a boy or a girl by choosing an option on our website or by submitting your own photo or sketch.

The order for the baptism of a child should be fresh, natural, tasty and thematic. This is the kind of cake you will receive by placing an order at the Lulu confectionery.

Mastic cake or creamy christening cake

The cake for the christening of the child can be either cream or mastic. We want to give you some advice on choosing, but the decision of course is yours.

Christening cake with mastic for a child

Better to avoid ordering a boy’s christening cake with mastic. This confectionery ingredient is great for decoration, however, it is made with sugar, so it can be very sweet and quite difficult for some people to perceive.

Cream christening cake for baby

It is better to opt for the lighter, creamy baptism cakes. Butter creams are also great. Experienced craftsmen will also perfectly make cake decorations from cream. But all the guests will definitely like this cake.

How to choose and how to decorate a cake for a christening of a girl or a boy?

But first of all, you need to decide what taste the cake will have and what ingredients to include. If your girl is completely tiny and will not eat a cake, then it does not matter what ingredients are inside it. It can contain oranges, chocolate or liquor if only adults are present at the party. If the christening holiday is more “childish”, and especially if an older girl is being baptized, then the cake for the christening holiday should be appropriate in composition.

Here are the criteria for choosing a cake for a christening girl:

  • The freshness of all ingredients.
  • Natural dyes, a minimum of “chemistry”.
  • Hypoallergenic: It is better to use natural and simple products.
  • It is worth avoiding ingredients such as: chocolate, citrus fruits, nuts, honey, etc., which can cause allergies in children.

What a cake for a baby’s christening might look like

The decor of a baptismal birthday cake for a child is the most important point that should be paid attention to. It should correspond to the theme of the holiday, maybe “in line” with the decoration of the hall. Christening cake is decorated with creams or mastic.

Decoration with mastic

A mastic cake for christening is a very common option. After all, mastic is a very soft, plastic material, similar to plasticine, therefore, it is easy to make many different decorations with it. You can even experiment and make your own christening cake.

Cakes without mastic

In addition to mastic, the cake can be decorated with cream, fruit, cookies or gingerbread, waffles or marshmallows. Such decorations can be “neutral” or purely thematic (cross, angel wings, cloud). Many cake decorations are made from creamy or protein cream. You can create many different colors for your christening cake using food coloring.

How to choose the size and weight of the cake

When choosing a dessert for a christening for a child, consider how many guests you will have at the party. It makes sense to count from the fact that everyone needs at least 100-150 grams. cake.

Popular and fashionable design

You can decorate a cake for a girl’s christening like this:

  • Details associated with baptism and a baby – crosses, a pillow, diapers, booties, a stork, toys, angels (mastic, cream).
  • Elements that show that this cake is especially for a girl – beads, dolls, a dress (baptismal dress), ribbons, lace, roses and other flowers, butterflies.
  • Decide what color the cake will be (main) and what color the individual elements on it will be. As a rule, colors are chosen for a girl: pink, crimson, pearl, yellow, lilac, beige.

Where to buy a cake for a christening for a boy without mastic in Kiev?

If you want a fresh, delicious custom-made cake with biscuit and delicate cream, fruit and cream decorations, then order it from the Lulu confectionery studio. You can choose a ready-made version from the catalog or develop your own design of a cake for christening – experienced studio masters will prepare any sweet masterpiece for you! We also deliver cakes across Kiev and the region.

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