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Cakes without mastic

Cakes without mastic to order in Kiev

Cakes without mastic in Kiev are available to order in the Lulu confectionery workshop. You can choose a cake from our assortment or customize a cake without mastic.

Modern cakes are more and more decorated with mastic coating and figurines. This material is easy to use and allows you to create incredible cakes of all themes, colors and shapes. Mastic can be made from marshmallow, gelatin, starch, marzipan, marshmallow, egg yolk and always contains powdered sugar.

However, not all people love fondant cakes. The problem is that some customers don’t want to use any of the mastic parts on the cake because they really don’t like the taste or texture and don’t feel the look is worth it. For such cases, there are alternative cake decorating options. For example, a cake can be coated on all sides with your favorite type of cream or chocolate, and on top can be decorated with design elements from sweets, cookies, chocolate, any cream, sprinkles and even fresh flowers. In addition, the classic option is to decorate the cake with fruits that can be harmoniously matched to the color and taste of the dessert.

Original cakes without mastic

The advantage of the cake without mastic is also the fact that in 2018-2019 the so-called “naked cakes” have become very popular. This dessert differs from other cakes in that it is not covered with any icing on top, so all layers of dough and cream are clearly visible. You can decorate a naked cake with the help of streams of chocolate and fresh flowers, which looks original and very fashionable. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised by the original approach to the choice of dessert and will certainly give you a lot of compliments. Fortunately, there are an impressive number of options for decorating cakes these days, so you have nothing to lose if you decide to order a cake without mastic. Take a look at the designs in the Cakes section on the Lulu Confectionery website before proceeding to checkout.

Birthday cake without mastic

Birthday is the holiday that everyone associates with cake. A bezel-less cake is suitable for the birthday of a girl, boy, woman or man. Because it can be decorated with both cream flowers and fresh berries. And for the most demanding sweet tooth, you can use a combined version of a cream cake with mastic elements. These can be, for example, figurines of your favorite heroes or idols of the birthday person. There are no restrictions in our pastry shop, it all depends on your imagination.

Children’s cakes without mastic

Often parents order children’s cakes without mastic for the birthday of a boy or girl. They condition this by the fact that too much sugar is used in the manufacture of mastic. Another important factor is the presence of food coloring in the mastic. Although they can be consumed, it is best not to do it too often.

The options for decorating cakes without mastic are a little less than with it, but the masters of the Lulu confectionery studio have extensive experience in making cakes, therefore they are ready to accept any order of any complexity.

Order a wedding cake without mastic in Kiev

To order a cake without mastic in Kiev, go to the order form, you can do this in the site menu, which is at the top of the page. Fill in all the fields and indicate either the cake code that you picked up in our gallery of works or upload your own photo.

After placing an order, our manager will contact you to clarify the details and offer you delivery in Kiev and the region.

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