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Holiday cakes

Holiday cakes to order

Here you will find an abundance of the most delicious and original design cakes to order and desserts. You can order a dessert of various types for yourself for any occasion.

The confectionery offers you many examples of cake designs for all kinds of holidays. All products, without exception, are of high quality, made from natural fresh ingredients, and right before your event. What is the beauty of a custom-made cake? Great taste and unique appearance: two in one, which will decorate any occasion.

Our pastry shop offers you the convenience of ordering a cake. You can choose from the catalog a ready-made product in a specific design, as well as create your own, completely new. Experienced confectioners can realize your most interesting ideas. The online cake store offers you high-quality service, a wide selection of cakes and other desserts, reasonable pricing policy for sweets and delivery. Before making an order, you can get a consultation.

How to choose a custom-made holiday cake?

How can a holiday do without the main delicacy – cake? You need to consider some factors in order to choose the right one. These are: the theme of your holiday, the number of guests, taste preferences, the need for an original design or not, the need for additional desserts for the candy bar.

Please note that the catalog contains cakes by category. This is done so that for every professional or personal holiday it is easy to find your cake (Birthday, Valentine’s Day, anniversary, children’s party, corporate party, March 8, etc.). Or maybe you just want to please your loved one and give him a cake for no reason? Then you can carry out associations and order a cake as a gift for a person who is consistent in design with his hobbies, hobbies, work, preferences. If the occasion is romantic, choose a cake with flowers, hearts and warm colors; if a cake is needed for a corporate event, then it can be an image of the company’s label; for a child, a cake in the form of a fairy-tale character, etc. is suitable for a holiday.

Also consider the type of dessert and ingredients. If you know for sure that your guests will like vanilla biscuit and butter cream, then order them. In any case, the pastry shop offers the most popular flavors that will appeal to all guests without exception. Calculate the weight of the cake based on the number of guests: everyone should get at least 150 grams. From here you can understand the total weight of the product. Be guided that your cake is from 1 kg. up to 2-3 kg. Is the optimal size for several people. And if we are talking about ordering delicacies for a large company, then it can be calculated individually.

What are custom-made holiday cakes made of?

The studio uses only fresh ingredients, adhering to all quality standards. Not only taste is important, but also safety. That’s why your freshest birthday cake is here. In Kiev and the Kiev region, there are many local products, as well as imported ones, including those used for cakes, creams, filling cakes with fruit. Therefore, regardless of the season, you will receive a high quality product.

In summer you can order a cake using a large amount of fruits and berries and light protein creams, biscuits, and in winter – mastic cakes, cream, with a lot of nuts, dried fruits, marzipan, glazes.

When making custom-made cakes by the studio, only natural products are used. On the site you can find the category “fillings”, where there is a photo of each and a description. This way you will know what will be “hidden” inside each cake. In addition to traditional fillings, there are also mousse options – fashionable and original in execution. But perhaps you prefer the classic chocolate sponge cake, for example.

The process of making cakes to order takes place in several stages. The order is accepted: we discuss with you the design of the product according to the subject of the enterprise, the size and weight based on the number of guests, the conditions and delivery address. If you upload a cake sketch, then you need to discuss it separately. Further, the confectionery makes all the elements of the cake: bakes the base, prepares the cream and decorations for it. Especially for a long time you can make decorations from mastic – some designs require detailed elaboration. By the way, natural food dyes are used, so you don’t have to worry about quality, and all mastic and other elements can be edible. Next, there is a delivery on order: you can be sure that your cake will “arrive” to you safe and sound exactly on time. The step-by-step process looks something like this.

Photo of holiday cakes

On the site of the confectionery, you can find a lot of photos with images of those products that have already been made by the master. You can examine any cake in detail, and imagine how your finished one might look. This is especially important for a cake, for such a significant event in life as a wedding. It is wedding cakes (in most cases) that are multi-tiered, solemn, bright, designed for many guests.

By the way, about figurines and other decorations on cakes. The confectionery catalog contains many examples of designs with mastic figures, fruit decorations, berry options, designs using cream, cookies, waffles, sweets. By the way, the most interesting options are mastic decorations, because mastic is a plastic material from which you can make anything you want. Additionally, skewers, natural flowers, dolls, paper decorations, ribbons can be used – something that is not edible, but that will give the cake an additional festive look. You can also see examples of such desserts in the catalog in the photo. Remember that when ordering such a cake for children, you need to be careful. All inedible items must be removed before you cut it up and eat it. But for safety, order a cake with fully eatable decorations. For their manufacture, hypoallergenic dyes are used, which is very important for many.

Where to buy a holiday cake to order in Kiev?

To make your celebration, holiday, from a wedding to a children’s one, from a party in nature to an intimate home birthday party, to be unforgettable, tasty and bright, you need to decorate it with a dessert. If you want to order a cake from a reliable pastry shop, then to us. In Kiev, you can choose and order a cake in advance for any occasion through our online store. A huge assortment, reasonable prices, delivery in Kiev and Kiev region, freshness of ingredients, time-tested flavor combinations of fillings and creams – these are the advantages of choosing our confectionery.

A custom-made cake in Kiev is not just a confection, it is a real masterpiece of culinary art, since it is unusual in design and kind of unique. Only you can have such a cake: all guests will be delighted.

A custom-made birthday cake in Kiev can be traditional, rounded. Other options: square, rectangle, many tiers (both round and rectangular), in the form of an object / figure (typewriter, basket, doll, apple, heart, boat, bottle, book, bouquet of flowers, magazine, etc.). Any such cake to order will be decorated with cream, mastic, fruit, photo collage, pattern, sweet candies, cookies, sprinkles, marshmallows, marshmallows. The cakes are also decorated with a velor finish, glossy, make color gradients.

Order your birthday cake on our official website (you can use the specified contact information). Light cake, original dessert, sweet pastries – there is a wonderful gift or surprise for any occasion. Do not forget about the delivery service, because it will make your holiday carefree or help to give a surprise to your loved one.

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