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Birthday cakes to order in Kiev

Birthday cakes bring some of the most memorable memories. Sweet, colorful icing, the joyful glow of candles and making a wish when you blow them out …

In the Lulu confectionery, ordering a birthday cake with delivery in Kiev is as easy as shelling pears. Choose the cake you like, indicate the date of the holiday, choose one of the fillings, leave your phone number and enter your name. Our manager will contact you to clarify the details and confirm the order.

If you could not find a birthday cake design from our catalog, no problem. We are a pastry shop with many years of experience, so we can make a dessert according to your photo.

Which cake flavor should you choose?

Chocolate and vanilla cakes are the most common birthday types because they tend to be enjoyed by everyone. But Birthday is a great occasion for an experiment and the very case when you can choose an exclusive filling, for example, mango-raspberry or another to your taste.

What size cake to choose?

Although birthday cakes are usually ordered with a diameter of 30-40 cm, it is now popular to make cakes that are taller but with a smaller diameter. We make cakes of any shape, so there are no restrictions for you, choose the design that you like best.

Birthday Cake Decorating Tips

  • Any sprinkles, cookies, or candy should be placed on the cake prior to cooling.
  • Before decorating the top of the cake with cream or lettering, practice on a plate first.
  • Fresh fruits and flowers are a great way to finish a cake. Make sure the flowers are non-toxic and that the fruit is washed and dried before applying.

You can always choose and order a birthday cake in the Lulu confectionery studio! Ideal for a wonderful holiday without any hassle!

More Birthday Cake Ideas

Remember that a birthday cake doesn’t have to be a boring one-tier sponge cake with cream at all. The art of confectionery has reached a new level, and any fantasies have become a reality. Surprise the birthday boy and guests by throwing an unusual themed party!

Number cake

We just couldn’t ignore this trend, which has become one of the industry favorites this season. A special feature is an unlimited number of variations in ingredients and design, and special baking dishes help to carry out the plan.

For example, you can decorate such a cake with pasta cookies, fresh flowers, fruits and sweets, which will make the dessert the personification of the current fashion in the confectionery industry.

Unicorn-style cakes and hand-painted, using a gradient color transition are very popular now.

Please note that according to this principle, a cake can be made not only in the form of a number, but also in the form of a letter or symbol.

Торт в форме буквы Е

Cartoon cake

If the birthday boy breathes unevenly for cartoons, comics, games or films, why not please him with a party in this style? This year’s top favorites were Peppa Pig, Moana, Trolls, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Unicorns, Ponies, Minions, Superheroes, Lego, Pokemon, Emoji themed birthday cakes.

Remember that the party can be accompanied by not only cake, but also alternative desserts. Complete the atmosphere of the evening with a themed candy bar, cupcakes, pasta and don’t forget the decorations. For a more harmonious immersion, you can ask guests to dress appropriately, or even invite a makeup artist to work with guests directly at the event.

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