Кондитерская студия – Lulu


About the confectionery “Lulu”

We don’t just bake the cake – we create it. We put our souls and hearts into it. We use the finest ingredients such as chocolate, fresh butter and cream, the ripest fruits and aromatic spices, our pastry chefs masterfully blend the flavors to create a unique flavor and texture that defies description. And that’s just the part that you don’t see.

We are equally obsessed with how to surprise you with our creation. The cake contains the most delicate cream, delicious filling, each cake is hand-painted, decorated by our pastry chefs. Each sugar flower, petal is hand-painted by our craftsmen. In reality, every exquisite Lulu masterpiece flourishes. For more than five years, “Lulu” confectionery has been delighting you with its craftsmanship.

The soul and love that we put into our cakes to please you, we can also deliver them to you with great joy)


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